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What Is The Work Showcase &

Why Is It Important? 


The Work Showcase is a collection of individual "Example of Work Artifact" pages, each of which is a brief reflection and synthesis of your most meaningful learning experiences from anywhere in life. This section is by far the largest and most important part of your Integrative Knowledge Portfolio. Your Example of Work Artifact pages (each page describes a single significant learning experience), along with your "Philosophy Statement", will clearly illustrate your unique qualities, capacities and experiences as well as your ability to reflect on and understand those experiences. A typical completed Integrative Knowledge Portfolio has between 7-15 Example of Work pages.

Formal and Informal Learning

Whats so great about this portion of the Integrative Knowlege Portfolio Process (IKPP) is that it explores both your formal and informal learning. Formal meaning the information you most likely learned in a text book or in a classroom, and informal meaning all the learning that has occurred from your life experiences.

What are the Knowledge/Skill Catergories?

The Knowledge/Skill Categories serve as an organizing framework for your Example of Work Artifact pages. Typical categories (e.g. "Research" "Leadership" "Team Work" "Strategy and Planning" and so on) are quite broad and serve to give meaningful organization to your Example of Work Artifact pages. These categories, along with the titles of the Example of Work Artifact pages that go under them, will make your work stand out and provide readers with a sense of your unique qualities right away.


What is a good Example of Work Artifact page?

Each Example of Work Artifact page has a suggested framework which includes the following: "Description", "Importance", "Skills Gained", "Lessons Learned", and "Impact".  This framwork is ideal for demonstrating to others why your experiences were important, the specific types of knowledge and skills you gained from those experiences, and how you will use what you learned in other areas of your life. While the first few Example of Work Artifact may take more time to develop at first, don't worry - it gets quicker and easier as you go!


What if I do not have enough experiences?

If you think you have not had enough important learning experiences to create a complete Work Showcase, DO NOT WORRY! The questions and prompts provided in this section are based on several years of research.  They were specifically created to help you identify moments of learning that you have long since forgot in order to help you to capture the key insights and capacities you've gained from those experiences

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