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TITLE YOUR EXAMPLE OF WORK PAGE (action-verb titles are best)


Guiding Questions for “Description or Overview” Section

  • Briefly describe the context of the experience (where did it take place, what was your role and what were you trying to accomplish?)  
  • What did you find as the most engaging or rewarding aspect of the work/experience?

Guiding Questions for “Skills Gained” Section

(Use “I” statements, action verbs and direct objects as much as possible)

  • What are/were the major tasks involved in this experience?
  • How did you spend your time?    
  • Describe an “a-ha” moment you had. What did you learn?
  • What did you do on a daily basis? Who did you talk to? What tasks did you engage in?
  • How did you identify and respond to different types of expectations, criteria, situations or people in this work?

 Guiding Questions for “Lessons Learned” Section

  • Describe a difficult or challenging experience: what was it, how did you handle it and what kinds of decisions did you make?
  • How has this experience addressed your overall learning and/or professional goals?
  • How have you applied or used what you’ve learned from this experience in other areas of your life?  
  • What can you do better or differently in the future because of this experience?
  • How will this experience shape how you may approach things in the future?

 Guiding Questions for “Impact ot Importance Section”

  • How or why is the work relevant to “big picture” goals in terms of your own learning, or to someone/something else?
  • What is the need, gap or challenge being addressed and why do you think it exists?
  • What do you see/did you see as the potential impact or outcome of your work?
  • What positive feedback have others provided about this work/experience?


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.



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The title is action-oriented and reflects the type of work completed, not necessarily the “place” it was completed.

The Description section provides a clear and BRIEF overview of context, (what the author did and why it was important to them).

The Importance section demonstrates how the work connects to values, goals, and/or principles larger than the author’s immediate experience or goals.

The Skills Gained section describes specific knowledge areas or capacities the author gained or enhanced while doing the work.

The Lessons Learned or Making Connections section describes how the author experienced challenges and learned from them, how they are using the knowledge they gained in other ways, or their learning connects to other areas of their life.

The Impact section describes how the effort benefited a particular group, individual or community; it provides evidence - examples, statistics, and/or illustrative quotes - when possible.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.