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Getting in Sync with the Mind 


My Goals for the Day. Thinking through writing about AAEEBL’s mission.  I’m planning my next article, due on Wednesday, and, as usual, am procrastinating by writing other things that may or may not be relevant to the article.  Procrastination is very productive for me in a too-human kind of way.  But one goal is to write this post!


What I Noticed and Learned


We have expected too little of learners


Education has been a plodding process, seemingly more intent on freezing-in-place the knowledge process so as to control knowledge and keep the priests/teachers/researchers in charge.  Can it be that people learn a lot faster and more creatively than formal education allows?  And can it be that learners can themselves advance knowledge despite being novices in a knowledge domain? 


Maybe things are not moving really faster now; maybe it just seems so; maybe the learning mechanisms are catching up to how quickly the mind and the collective consciousness actually process ideas and information.  Why are kids bored and resistant?  Maybe we’ve been forcing them to slow down too much and to follow too narrow a path.  The pace of knowledge creation makes me excited.   I love it that kids are being re-introduced to the authentic world as the place to learn.




Giving students more say in their learning, making sure we reach learning goals (or beyond) but at the same time emphasizing discovery may truly engage learners.  


Yes, the words . . .  Like Melissa, I keep wrestling with how to describe our bootstrap portfolio movement.  I often feel like we have a great secret that we want to share but that people who hear or read us already have a mental file folder for our words and so our words seem somehow clichéd. 


What I Will Change or Do Differently as a Result of Today


Finding such like-minded people more and more often makes me more confident that we have hit on something.  Sometimes I have shrunk from the role of technology apologist.  So many people have made such outrageous claims about technology that I don’t want to be identified with them.  Now, with both the Generative Knowledge grant and the C2L grant, I am surrounded by eloquent, honest, bright people who make only valid claims about technology and who focus on teachers and learners and not just the technology.  For so long, there were the techies and the teachies and no presence in the middle, where the important perspective is.  We need to know the technology and learning theory equally.  And we now have a community engaged in that knowing.  I think that knowing we have such a vibrant community should make us all more confident speakers, leaders and writers. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.