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(with apologies to The New Yorker)


I don't think I even thought about setting goals for today. There is much I want to learn about e-portfolios and the process that can make their development worthwhile. I am curious about where all this is going, and in my case, where my School is going with e-portfolios. And with my curiosity, I have some concerns both for my School's effort and what I am learning about others' efforts. There are some buzz words flying around whose meanings everyone agrees are important and vital to doing e-portfolios meaningfully. These are words like reflection, core capacity, and integration. To be honest, I am not sure we all are saying the same things when we use these words. So I worry about that, again, moreso for my School's effort, which is where I can have the greatest influence.  I guess long-term my goal is to figure out what terms like these mean and look like within the context of my School's portfolio development.


And now that I have thought about it, another thing that makes me curious is the whole genre of generative knowledge e-portfolios, that is, the genre or work samples, and how it is we help student begin to appropriate this genre effectively. Here is where reflection, core capacities, and integration should be most evident, and all three of these lend themselves to theorizing or moving past experience itself and connecting to content and disciplinary theories (and thus clearly defining the terms). Yet, the nature of the work sample requires doing this connecting and theorizing in a way that engages various audiences using various media. How to think about this genre and teach it piques my curiosity



How should I know? It's all tacit, like an iceberg or something (that's a joke). Seriously, I noticed that we use a lot of metaphors to describe what we know, and at the end of the day, these metaphors can fire us up but maybe not move us as far down the road as we think (there's two metaphors in this sentence; three, if you want to take "end of the day" figuratively). While they are common and invite others "to see" or "know" what I mean as speaker, the metaphors really don't say much else, i.e., what does it mean to be "fired up" or "down the road" when I don't really mean I am on fire and on a road. I worry about terms like reflection, core capacity, and integration among others becoming metaphors with slippery meanings.


I also learned that some of the folks in this collaborative are doing some really cool stuff. Kudos to those who shared during the Friday meeting. To be honest, the best information I got came from what you guys said about your own work.



I am taking home the soap from my hotel room because it really smells good and doesn't' leave a greasy film on my skin. I am also taking home a greater interest in how we are talking about e-portfolios and what it is we want them to do. I want them to do these things to, but I want to know exactly what that means and how to get students there.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.